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ETL Business Plus S.R.L. has been established in 2008 in order to provide Business Consultancy dedicated to Transportation Industry
We support you to grow innovative transport business

ETL Business Plus is a company specialising in ofering business consulting services. Our organization provides companies operating in urban and metropolitan transport and urban planning with expert services for business development in a competitive and open to innovation environment.
In an industry characterized by high dynamics of new technologies and policy innovation ETL Business Plus facilitates an active dialogue between players, from both the private and public sector.
Through the services offered ETL Business Plus provides we aim to give easier access to those concepts and products that enable lower operational costs and make possible the implementation of projects with positive impact on the economy of Romanian urban and metropolitan areas in order to build the path towards sustainable development and mobility.
ETL Business Plus provides its partners a range of tailored business tools with a two-fold objective: to access valuable and correct information about the market they are active or plan to enter, and to disseminate information to its partners and potential partners in an optimal way.
Harnessing the its excellent knowledge of the public transport and rail transport markets and the significant experience of its experts in this area, ETL Business Plus has developed a series of strategic consulting tools, structured on four levels:

  1. market intelligence: analysis and business opportunities;
  2. market education: promoting innovative concepts and technologies;
  3. market entry: technical assistance in the process of market entry;
  4. running research studies commissioned by beneficiaries.

ETL Business Plus tools and business advisory services are designed to give companies the opportunity to orientate more easily in the metropolitan transport market and to benefit from their market education component. By combining the two concepts ETL Business Plus team seeks to meet the objectives of the development plans of the industry:

  • building and identifying business opportunities for implementing the most effective products
  • and solutions for sustainable transport systems and travel goods.

  • Transport Economics
  • Transport operations
  • Urban and land planning
  • B2B Communication

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